Unix Command to separate this years files and last years?

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Unix Command to separate this years files and last years?

Hello - I have a folder that contains files from 2003 till 2010. I am trying to figure out a command that would seperate each years file and show me a count?

Even if i can find a command that would give me year by year count, thats good enough too.

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Question Need more info

Can you supply an example of the files? That will make it possible to provide a command, or set of commands, to accommodate your request?
Are you looking to separate by filename, or by last edit (or other) date?
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I am trying to figure out how many files were created each year. And if possible, break down by each month of that year.

The file formats are different. Such as these:

Systemerror-1-8-2010 7_00_06 PM.xml (PM remains constant)


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you can use something as :

#ls -lrth|awk '$8 == 2003 {print}'|wc -l

then change 2003 with 2004,2005,2006... etc.

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This is good.. till i put 2010 and it shows 0. Although i have 2010 files..

And is there a way for me to break month by month..
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Files less than 6 months old show the time of day instead of the year.
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No time to post an example. The technique is to create reference files with "touch" with specific timestamps (e.g 31 Dec 2009 23:59) then use "find -newer reference_file_name". By building "and not" conditions in "find" it is possible to define year ranges or any other timespan.

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