Averaging the rows using 'awk'

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Old 05-23-2010
Averaging the rows using 'awk'

Dear all,
I have the data in the following format. I want to do average of each NR= 5 (rows) for all the 3 ($1,$2, $3) columns and want to print average result in another file in the same format. I dont know how to write code for this in 'awk', can some one help me to write a code for this in "awk".

   $1                  $2                  $3
   4.000000E+03        4.990302E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000050E+03        4.998532E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000100E+03        4.995319E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000150E+03        5.003360E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000200E+03        5.000279E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000250E+03        5.008273E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000300E+03        5.005232E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000350E+03        5.013134E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000400E+03        5.010103E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000450E+03        5.017992E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000500E+03        5.014914E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000550E+03        5.022835E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000600E+03        5.019675E+00        5.557000E+00
   4.000650E+03        5.027411E+00        5.558000E+00
   4.000700E+03        5.024382E+00        5.558000E+00
   4.000750E+03        5.032073E+00        5.558000E+00
   4.000800E+03        5.029087E+00        5.558000E+00
   4.000850E+03        5.036683E+00        5.558000E+00
..................... ...................... ......................
.................... ....................... ........................

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Old 05-23-2010
Try this:
awk '
function printline() {
  printf("%4s%e", "", s1/5); s1=0
  printf("%8s%e", "", s2/5); s2=0
  printf("%8s%e\n", "", s3/5); s3=0
{s1+=$1;s2+=$2;s3+=$3; n++}
!(NR % 5){ printline() }
  if(s1) printline()
}' file

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