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Finding file in a directory structure + move

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Old 05-18-2010
Finding file in a directory structure + move

Hi All,

im a new guy if it comes to Unix. I am trying to auto categorize Nzbget downloads the most basic way. I already manage to find files within the directory i'm at and move them with if [ -e "file" ] check to a certain dir. Unfortunately this command is restricted to the directory i'm at and does not check in the directory tree.

But some downloads got directories within the rar packages so the file extention i'm seeking is within these (just unpacked) unknown directories. So my question is:

Which command is the best way to seek files within unknown directory structure and preferably return "true or false" so i can use an if/else action to it?

It's going to be used in a ( for Nzbget.

Thnx in advance.


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Old 05-19-2010
how about find command, if it finds a file use mv with -exec.
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Old 05-19-2010
Originally Posted by thegeek
how about find command, if it finds a file use mv with -exec.
does it allow multiple -exec commands?


find /c/media/usenet -iname .avi -exec mv {} /c/media/movies

How do i add annother -exec command to it? Cuz i wanna make a folder for the certain movie before i move it.

Cheers again lads

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