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Old 03-24-2004

I am adding gcc 3.3.2 to my unix box what is the best way
to do it????
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Old 03-24-2004
the way the instructions tell you.
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Old 03-24-2004
good one's too easy sometimes Smilie

since the subject is pkgadd, I'm assuming that's an option. It will do everything for you. It's pretty simple.
Do a man on pkgadd.
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Old 03-25-2004
Optimus_P ...tell them Smilie

pkgadd -d <path to gcc package>

solaris packages usually have .pkg suffix

also if u omit the -d flag it will default to the /var/spool/pkg directory

moral of the story read man page only takes a few minutes !!
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Old 03-27-2004
Originally posted by silvaman
Optimus_P ...tell them Smilie

moral of the story read man page only takes a few minutes !!
not in most situations. man pages aren't always to the point which is what most unix admins that work in a fast pace environment WANT
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