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shell ??

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Old Unix and Linux 03-16-2004
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shell ??

I have AIX 5.1
How do I tell what shell is being used?
I read alot about the shell and scrpiting but have not come across how to tell what shell is being used. I would like to make some scripts to run with a command called weekly.backup
but I not sure how to tell what shell the others are written in.
I have read that I should write all the commands in the same shell??
I have even gotten some ideas from some of the old posts here on what to do for different shells.

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Old Unix and Linux 03-16-2004
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Just make sure the first line of your shell script has a line that points to your shell, like


Then your script will be executed by that shell. You can use any shell that is available on your system.

You can try to type

echo $SHELL

or, more accurately,

echo $0

in the terminal to find out the shell you are running.
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