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Static IP address for solaris 10 virtual machine

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Static IP address for solaris 10 virtual machine

Hi All

I am having a solaris 10 virtual machine on vista (using vmware 7) laptop.

Now i want to access virtual machine from vista using putty.

Problem is that i insalled the solaris machine as dhcp. and whenever i connect to internet or reboot my system the IP address of solaris changes. I am not a solaris expert or admin but i need to use to learn oracle.

Please suggest the procedure to assign a static IP.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Originally Posted by ankurk
Please suggest the procedure to assign a static IP.
If you don't care resetting your Solaris configuration, the simplest way is running sys-unconfig.
Otherwise, remove the file telling the OS to use dhcp (/etc/dhcp.<interface>) and create a file telling to use a static address (/etc/hostname.<interface>) with its IP address inside and possibly other ifconfig configuration commands when necessary.

PS: Please refrain from posting useless and lame comments.

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