Script to force Oracle database shutdown when shutdown immediate does not work

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Script to force Oracle database shutdown when shutdown immediate does not work

I have Oracle 9i R2 on AIX 5.2. My Database is running in shared server mode (MTS).

Sometimes when I shutdown the database it shutsdown cleanly in 4-5 mints and sometimes it takes good 15-20 minutes and then I get some ora-600 errors and only way to shutdown is by opening another session and doing the shutdown abort.

Is there a way/workaround so I can do this with some script like if my database is not shutdown properly in 15-20 minutes since I issue "shutdown immediate" command it kicks of shutdown abort command? Something like this

"checks for smon/PMON if database still up then connects and issues shutdown abort"


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I would cite as the main reason for not receiving a response to your question, up to now, the poor subject title you used. It in no way convey's the nature of your question.

Having said that(!) here's my lame attempt at a solution:

$ cat ShutdownDB

ShutdownDB() {
echo "Shutdown database [$ORACLE_SID]..."
  sqlplus / as sysdba << ! > /dev/null
    shutdown immediate;

ForceShutdownDB() {
  echo "Forcing DB shutdown, please wait..."
  sqlplus / as sysdba << ! > /dev/null
    shutdown abort;
    startup restrict;
    shutdown immediate;

ShutdownDB &
sleep 10

while true; do
  jobs > /dev/null
  if [ $(jobs | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then
    [ $X -le $WAIT_MINS ] && echo "Waiting $((WAIT_MINS -$X)) minute(s)..." && X=$((X + 1)) && sleep 60 && continue
  kill %1
  sleep 3

echo "Database stopped."

$ ./ShutdownDB
Shutdown database [DB1]...
Waiting 15 minute(s)...
Waiting 14 minute(s)...
Waiting 1 minute(s)...
Waiting 0 minute(s)...
Forcing DB shutdown, please wait...
Database stopped.

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Thanks scottn for sharing your Script. Sorry for the poor title. I will try to do better next time.
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No problems, I've renamed the thread Smilie
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Personally I would modify the Oracle provided script "dbshut" to issue "shutdown immediate" rather than just "shutdown". It is ruthless in disconnecting sessions but lets you get on with the next task such as a database backup. This botch "technique" has worked well for Oracle 7,8,9 daily for many years.

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Originally Posted by methyl
Personally I would modify the Oracle provided script "dbshut" to issue "shutdown immediate" rather than just "shutdown". It is ruthless in disconnecting sessions but lets you get on with the next task such as a database backup. This botch "technique" has worked well for Oracle 7,8,9 .
Here's what dbshut says:

# This script is used to shutdown ORACLE from /etc/rc(.local).
# It should ONLY be executed as part of the system boot procedure.
I didn't see anything about shutting down or rebooting a server in the question.

Besides, the OP was asking about when shutdown immediate takes too long. The simple solution would be to wait the hour for the ORA-01013 and take that as a no.

I would investigate the 0600 though.
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Hi scottn

I missed the point that the O/P was only shutting down the instance not the whole computer. Therefore probably not using Oracle supplied scripts.

It think the O/P original issue is caused by issuing "shutdown" rather than "shutdown immediate" ... then having to issue "shutdown abort" if it takes too long.

Many admins (myself included) write parodies of the contents dbshut and dbstart to stop/start individual databases at will.

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