su command difference between unix and linux

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su command difference between unix and linux

Hello all
the su with -l option is running normal with linux but when i try to run it on unix AIX 5.2.7 it's not working with -l option
any help
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It may the su version problem . Please check whether both the linux and unix AIX 5.2.7 using the same version.
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Have you checked the man page for su? Because it doesn't say anything there about a -l switch.

The -l that Linux supports is something borrowed from BSD, and just doesn't appear in any non-BSD inspired system (like AIX or HP-UX)
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how to get the su version on aix ?
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Just use:
su - username

Should be the same in unix (incl. AIX) and Linux. (Exactly the same effect as "su -l username" in Linux).
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i already work with su - user name on AIX but i'm adding an alias for su in the .profile so i have to add the -l flag .
can any one tell me why su -l is not working on AIX
note : i already installed sudo from AIX toolbox CD but still the same problem
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Read the whole thread again. The -l flag is something the Linux variant of su borrowed from BSD, and isn't available on any system that didn't at any time borrow from it too. Those include HP-UX and AIX.

In short:There is no way for a current version of the native su program on AIX to support the -l switch without possibly ripping up a glaring, warranty-voiding security hole.

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