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Moving files

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Old 03-02-2010
Moving files


I need to be able to move files from one central locations to different servers on our network. So i want all of our operators to place files to one area on the main storage area. From there i need a script that first checks the file is stable (finished copying)
then copy to another server, on completion of copy the file needs to be deleted from the original location.


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Old 03-02-2010
You can do in with the scp itself .
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Old 03-02-2010
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Sorry very new to this have you got a script that i can see as a example

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hi i have this working but how do i delete the file once its copied?
rsync -aWv --stats --progress --delete \


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Old 03-02-2010
Try this
scp -r directoryname username@ipaddress:<path if needed> # if you Xfer a file only then remove -r option 
# it will ask a password
rm -rf directoryname

# for ex:
#         scp Filename abubacker@
#         rm -rf Filename

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Old 03-02-2010
First, you need to define exactly what you mean by "finished copying", and you need to define it precisely.

And remember you're going to have to handle error conditions, too, such as when someone is copying a file remotely and the connection drops before the copy is done.

FWIW, the only person who can tell definitively that any copy is complete is the person sending the file, because the receiver can't know what's being sent as the receiver doesn't have the original. That means if you value reliability and guaranteed correctness, you MUST have the sender somehow flag that the copy is complete. Probably the easiest way is with a rename of the file. Call it something like 'filename.part' while copying, then rename it to 'filename' once the copy is done.

No, you CAN'T reliably use something like lsof on a Linux box to check if any other process has the file open, because that ignores error conditions.

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