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TCP failed connection attempts from netstat -s

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Old 03-01-2010
TCP failed connection attempts from netstat -s

Dear experts,

I am seeing a lot of TCP failed connection attempts from "netstat -s" on one of our servers.
How can I pin point what connection failed and what are the ports involved?

Any tools/commands I can dig in deeper to diag. what went wrong on these "failed connection attempts"?

    112095 active connections openings
    72147 passive connection openings
    48412 failed connection attempts
    40150 connection resets received
    44 connections established
    21866875 segments received
    14295010 segments send out
    837 segments retransmited
    0 bad segments received.
    66489 resets sent

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Old 03-01-2010
Anything to do with hardware or communications is machine-specific. Please post what Operating System you are running and what hardware you have.
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Old 03-01-2010
It is on a Virtual Machine (running on Xen) with RHEL5.2 with PV driver. Other VMs created from the same template do not have similar issue.
The issue was seen on some physical machines also, therefore I believe my case may not be related to VM/Phy issue.

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