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Old 02-18-2010
services in linux

what is the command for checking the particular services and how can we find whether that service is up or down. Consider http service. how to check whether its up or down

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clusvcmgrd(8)						       Red Hat Cluster Suite						     clusvcmgrd(8)

rgmanager - Resource Group (Cluster Service) Manager Daemon DESCRIPTION
rgmanager handles management of user-defined cluster services (also known as resource groups). This includes handling of user requests including service start, service disable, service relocate, and service restart. The service manager daemon also handles restarting and relocating services in the event of failures. HOW IT WORKS
The service manager is spawned by an init script after the cluster infrastructure has been started and only functions when the cluster is quorate and locks are working. During initialization, the service manager runs scripts which ensure that all services are clear to be started. After that, it determines which services need to be started and starts them. When an event is received, members which are no longer online have their services taken away from them. The event should only occur in the case that the member has been fenced whenever fencing is available. When a cluster member determines that it is no longer in the cluster quorum, the service manager stops all services and waits for a new quorum to form. COMMAND LINE OPTIONS
-f Run in the foreground (do not fork). -d Enable debug-level logging. -w Disable internal process monitoring (for debugging). -N Do not perform stop-before-start. Combined with the -Z flag to clusvcadm, this can be used to allow rgmanager to be upgraded with- out stopping a given user service or set of services. SEE ALSO
clusvcadm(8) Jan 2005 clusvcmgrd(8)

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