Cron changing folder for scripts

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Cron changing folder for scripts

I would like to ask if cron when running a planned script changes the current folder for the script.

Thank you!
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Tools Very vague question

A cron job is simply a scheduled task. The task could be a commerical (pre-built) program, or a .sh shell script that you have written. Thus, while the following is not necessarily 'good' coding (since errors are not handled), you could create a file
cd /home/users/me
ls -l >myfiles.txt

Then, schedule a cron execution for the script

Or, are you trying to ask a different question?
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Yes, thank you.

I just think it would be better if the cron would change the path for every script according to its location (and therefore the line cd /home/users/me wouldn't be necessarry). It's rather a question of architecture of cron than searching for any particular solution.

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