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Old 02-05-2004
Question Date Command

we're using HP-UX
I need to change the year. What is the date command?

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Old 02-05-2004
date [-u] mmddhhmm[yy]

Set HP-UX system clock to the date and time
specified.  Requires super-user privilege.
If -u option is given, the specified date and
time is assumed to be Universal Coordinated
Time.  The numeric argument is interpreted
left-to-right as follows:

mm     Month number.

dd     Day number in the month.

hh     Hour number (24 hour system).

mm     Minute number.

yy     (optional) Last 2 digits of the
       year number.  If not specified,
       current year is used.

So try: date -u 0205100604 Smilie
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Old 02-05-2004
Don't let cron run while you change the date. Kill cron. Change the date. And finally restart cron.
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