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user login script question

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Question user login script question

hi all,

what file(s) needs to be changed and in what way in order to do the following:

when user A logs onto freebsd 4.8 automaticaly he needs to start up a script a made that executes:
sets ltp0 in polling mode,
executes tn5250 keyboard mapping
starts tn5250 with the correct parameters.

when user B logs in, he needs to run a slighty different script then user A

and when the root logs in, no script needs to be executed.

I've searched this forum, the manual and the net but i don't get any further then that /etc/profile needs to be adjusted.
But how???

thnx for your reply!
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use an editor like vi.

/etc/profile is the global script that runs for all users when they login. then $HOME/.profile is run and can over ride the settings in /etc/profile.
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If you are using bash shell.

.bashrc is for all

.bash_profile is for individuals.

Also if you open up a window terminal .bash_profile will not run.

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