Check the value of a string variable

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Check the value of a string variable

hi to all,
i want to check the value of a variable that it contains characters.
for example i try the following:
if [ $passline = "*password*" ] then .........

i just want to check that in the specific line that is a variable called "passline" has the entry "password". But it can contain also other characters in the same line. Thats why i wrote "*password*". I am only interested to check that the entry "password" is inserted.
i tried it the way i write it above but it doesnt work. i think that it looks for an entry *password*. Is there a way to check for it or i just have to check every character one by one?

thank you for your time
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if [ !-z `echo "$passline" | grep "password"` ]; then

Written without testing, but should work.
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yes it works but i made a mistake before.
i want to go into the if statement in case that the line doesnt include the "password" entry.
so the command should search if the line does not include the entry "password" and if this is true then it does something. if is not true then it doesnt do anything.
sorry for the mess up
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Just use it with or without exclamation mark. It's just a negation.
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ok thank you for your help!

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