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Extract records by column value - file non-delimited

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Extract records by column value - file non-delimited

the data in my file is has no delimiters. it looks like this:

H52082320024740010PH333200612290000930 0.0020080131
D5208232002474000120070306200703060580T1502 TT 1.00
H52082320029180003PH333200702150001 30 100.0020080205
D5208232002918000120070726200707260580T1502 3.00
D5208232002918000220070727200707270580T1502 3.00
H22100071503540001PL213200907280000 30 0.0020100107
D2210007150354000120090728200907310100 4.00

In a nutshell I am trying to extract all Header Records (H in column 1) that have an amount (high-lighted in red) greater than 0.00. The field actually starts in column 39 but space fills to the might significant digit, so the '0.00' is really ' 0.00'. In this example I would only want to see the 2nd header record because its amount is 100.00.

Please help. I have been searching posts all day trying to find an awk/nawk/sed/grep, something in VI, anything.

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awk '/^H/&&substr($0,39,2)!=" 0"' infile

sed '/H/!d;/.\{38\} 0/d' infile

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Try this

$ grep ^H file | awk '$3 ~ '/^[1-9]/' {print $3}'|cut -c1-6

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Thanks everyone. It worked like a champ.

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