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Installing Debian on Sparc

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Old 01-20-2004
Lightbulb Installing Debian on Sparc

I've downloaded the iso images and attempted an boot cdrom in order to install directly from cdrom, but I keep getting error message:
Fast Data Access MMU Miss

After checking simillar issue on the net I've update open boot firmware to the latest 4.10.6 but still no success.
Anyone could help me out in my 2 weeks no solutions?

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Old 01-21-2004

Exactly at what fase of the boot the message appears ? What hardware are you using ? Are you trying to install the 32 or 64 bit version ?
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Old 01-22-2004
I'm installing Debian for sparcs that I've downloaded the iso image from their FTP site on a Sunblade 100. (64Bits)
I use the open boot command:
boot cdrom.
Machine restart, display the hardware info etc...
I get the Debian GNU/Linux welcome screen. ->> Enter - Boot install or type rescue - boot into rescue mode]
-> I hit the enter key and get:
Loading initial ramdisk....
Fast Data Access MMU Miss

from there I get the openboot prompt:
ok _

I'm ready to try anything. The open boot fireware has been updated as stated previously. do I have the wrong Sparcs Debian version? I only found one 64 bits which I've downloaded.
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Old 01-23-2004
Are you sure it's the 64 version ? There're 2 versions, one 32 bits and the other 64 bits, called UltraLinux... I think you should be able to run the 32bits with no problems too, but I'm not sure... give it a try !

With that OB version, you should have the command "limit-ecache-size", to limit the cache size to 4MB, but I guess the sunblade 100 has less than 4MB... try it anyway... at the ok prompt...
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Old 01-23-2004
Ok I've try this before, but the command is not recognized by the OB.
I will check the Debian version I can get today. Also if I have to install Redhat or any similar OS please let me know cause at the moment I need to get this machine working.
The reason for this install is because the driver for my USB modem only exist for Linux, I cannot find any solaris driver. So biggup to Linux....

Thanks a lots jsilva.


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