Issue with parsing config variables

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Old 01-07-2010
Issue with parsing config variables

I am using MKS tool kit on windows server. One config variable is defined in windows environment and I am trying to use that variable.
# Below RootDir is defined in windows 


# in unix script 

src=`echo $details|awk -F '|'  '{print $1}'`

cd $src

root_dir has '\\' in it and because of this , derived variable 'src' is not getting resolved properly and I am getting error "system can not find the file specified"

Please help.
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Old 01-08-2010
Ad hoc:

[house@leonov] RootDir="\\f01\var"; 
               RootDir=$( echo "$RootDir" | sed 's/\\/\//g' ); 
               echo "$RootDir"

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