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Concatenate a string to a variable

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Old 01-05-2010
Concatenate a string to a variable

Hello All,

How to concatenate a string to a variable in a script

I'm having a file which is consisting of data and i need to extract the first line of the file and append it to a string.

/tmp/samp.list containg 60000

I like to concatenate it with a string (SS_)

grep -w SS_$(head -1 /tmp/samp.txt) /etc/passwd

But it is not working.
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Old 01-05-2010
try this:

x=$( head -1 /tmp/samp.txt )

grep -w "$y" /etc/passwd

oh, and btw, on some systems, grep -w doesn't work.

to get past that, you can try:

grep '\<'"$y"'\>' /etc/passwd


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