Simple cron job won't work

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Old 01-14-2004
Simple cron job won't work

I have a script in a directory -say users/me/test/
It looks like this:
# "bkup" - copies specified files to the user's ~/Backup
# directory after checking for name conflicts.
a=$(date +%T)
cp $1 ~/test/Backup/$1.$a
It copies file.txt from current directory and timestamps the name of it of it.
No problem there. bkup runs ok

I have a cron job that looks like this:
54 18 * * * /`users/me/test/bkup
I do crontab cron.txt and get no error
I set it up to run in the next few minutes. When the appointed time comes, instead of getting a new file copied, i get a mail from the Unix saying

Your "cron" job on thebox

produced the following output:

sh: /users/me/test/bkup^M: not found
What incredibly simple thing am I doing wrong? Do I have permissions to run the job. Seems like it can't find the script to run it.
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Old 01-14-2004
dont edit your crontab file w/ a windows editor.

remove the ^M at the end of your crontab entrie.
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Old 01-14-2004
Just as an update to Optimus_P's post, I found this old thread:
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Old 01-19-2004
^M chars should be the cause.
You can remove them by opening the file in vi editor and using the foll command in the command mode:

%s/ctrl-v ctrl-m//g
(finally, it should show :%s/^M//g)
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Old 01-20-2004
^M was the carriage return as described previously thanks to everyone.
I was editing it in UltraEdit because I can never get to grips with vi editor - I know that's blasphemy! - but UltraEdit is so much easier to use. Apart from when there are carriage returns in there of course!
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