How to list content with file name ?

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Old 12-28-2009
How to list content with file name ?

I want to search the string including the symbol like

for example, file a.txt in \\dir contains,
a for 'appable'
b for 'banana'
c for 'cat'
s for 'search'

Here I need to display(serach outpur) like
\\dir\a.txt s for 'search'

How to list content with file name for current + sub directories ?

I tried below commands for the above serach

find . -exec grep -i "'search'" {} \; - listing content only
find . -exec grep -l "'search'" {} \; - listing file name only
find . -exec grep -il "'search'" {} \; - listing file name only
grep "'search'" * - looking current directory

I need to display content with file name

help me


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Old 12-28-2009
How about:
grep -r "'search'" "$(pwd)"/*

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Old 12-28-2009

how about :-
find . -print | xargs grep -i "search"

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Old 12-28-2009
find . -exec grep "'search'" { } \; -print
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Old 12-28-2009
find . -exec grep -H "'search'" {} \;

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Old 02-24-2010
grep -RH "'search'" *
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