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Relatively simple question regarding find and cmin

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Old 12-24-2009
Relatively simple question regarding find and cmin

Nuts and bolts:

I have a log file that should be updated once every minute called OD_MEM.log. I want to add a check to my CheckSystem script that confirms that the log has been written to in the last 2 minutes. If I use the find command with cmin 1, it finds the file every time. If I use the find command with cmin 2 it does not find the file. Is the cmin option looking for files modified exactly n minute ago, or within the last n minute. Meaning if I use cmin 2, shouldn't it find files modified within the last 2 minutes, which would include the file I'm looking for (since it was modified 1 minute ago).

[root@mys-nycsm-srv01 logs]# date && ls -ltr /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log&&find /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log -cmin  1
Thu Dec 24 14:49:10 EST 2009
-rw-rw----  1 mystro mystro 11102934 Dec 24 14:48 /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log
[root@mys-nycsm-srv01 logs]# date && ls -ltr /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log&&find /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log -cmin  2
Thu Dec 24 14:50:07 EST 2009
-rw-rw----  1 mystro mystro 11103957 Dec 24 14:49 /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log
[root@mys-nycsm-srv01 logs]#

Now, just in case you'd like to laugh at how hard I worked on this before I realized I could just use find to check the modified time...

My original plan was to calculate how many lines there should be in the log based on the premise that for every hour there would be 60 lines and then in the latest hour add the number of minutes and compare it against the actual number of lines. It actually works, but I realize now it's an incredibly convoluted solution, so I'm hoping to better understand the find command and replace it.

OD_MEM_LINES=$(grep -c `date '+%Y-%m-%d'` /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log)
OD_HOUR=$(tail -2 /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log|awk '/2009/{print $2}'|cut -f1 -d:)
    if [[ $OD_HOUR -eq 00 ]];then
        OD_LINES_CAL=`tail -2 /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log|awk '/2009/{print $2}'|cut -f2 -d:`
        OD_LINES_CAL=$(( ($OD_HOUR * 60 ) + `tail -2 /usr/local/mystro/logs/OD_MEM.log|awk '/2009/{print $2}'|cut -f2 -d:` ))
    if [[ $OD_MEM_LINES -lt $OD_LINES_CAL ]];then 
        printf "+-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-+\n"
        printf "There may be a problem with the On Demand Memory Manager.\n"
        printf "Was expecting there to be $OD_LINES_CAL lines in the OD_MEM.log, but only found $OD_MEM_LINES\n"
        printf "If there is a major difference between these two numbers, check the OD_MEM.log that a line has scrolled in the last 2 minutes\n" 
        printf "+-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-++-+\n"

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Old 12-25-2009
I believe you need:

-cmin -2

From man find:



Numeric arguments can be specified as

+n for greater than n,

-n for less than n,

n for exactly n.
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Old 12-26-2009
Well crap...

Thanks man. The only thing worse than the amount of effort I put into that is how simple the solution was.

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