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PGREP Arguments

I'm trying to figure out how to use pgrep to pull the arguments of a process.

root    308   1  0 00:00 ?     00:00:00 /bin/sh /some/random/path/ -flag /another/path/blah

I can get the pid (308) using this command:
pgrep sh

However, what if I wanted to pull by "" or .*\.sh or something like that? How can I pull the pid by those arguments?

Also, is there a similar way to pkill using the exact same syntax as the pgrep command I'd be using to find this pid?
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pgrep '.*\.sh'

pgrep works the same but sends the specified signal to pid.
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I just tried it.

That returned nothing. But I think your expression was assuming that it ended with .sh (maybe).

I tried pgrep '.*sh.*\.sh.*'
but no dice either.

Any other responses here?

(Also, thanks for the efforts, Scrutinizer.)

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I think I found the the answer. I can't do anything about it:

pgrep a process that has arguments
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Sorry, that should be
pgrep -f '.*\.sh'

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You, sir, are great. It works.

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