(find) mtime vs. (unix) mtime

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(find) mtime vs. (unix) mtime

I've made some test with perl script to learn more about mtime...
So, my question is :
Why the mtime from find
find /usr/local/sbin  -ctime -1 -mtime -1 \( -name "*.log" -o -name "*.gz" \) -print

are not the same as mtime from unix/linux in
ls -ltr

or in stat() function in perl : stat - perldoc.perl.org
9 mtime last modify time in seconds since the epoch
Are they really many mtime in unix???

Thanks a lot for your help....
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there is only one mtime per file. The number nine refers to the element of the array that is returned from the Perl stat function. ls -l and the perl stat function will report the same thing but you have to do the run it through the localtime function.

ie mtime_data[8]
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Could you please explain me more about mtime_data?
Do you mean that I must to use localtime for the perl stat function?

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