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Old 12-11-2003

a silly question but is there a way to display individual ascii values
say if i type 65 it will display the letter instead?
thanks fo any help.
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Old 12-11-2003
To answer your question: Yes, there is.

I almost put the link I found after a quick search on the Internet but then this..could it be...homework?

So I checked to see what other questions you may have asked and noted at least one where another moderator thought you might be asking homework questions.

And your sort question also contained simple items in the file
names, days of the week...just the kind of thing one gets in a basic startup course.

You might want to re-read the rules. And search the net for the answer. It's out there waiting for you.

Remember, we can only open the door, you must walk through. If we give you the answers, you won't learn.

"Did I hear an echo?"
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Old 12-12-2003
i can see how you would thnk that but no this is not homework because i turned it in and got an a i used a case statement.
this is for myself now because i know it can be made smaller i have the logic figured but need this one command and i have searched the internet and cant find it i have three books and looked in them all this is fo myself now.
the original program was very long and i thougght if i could print ascii values i might be able to save the value 1 -26 and add 64 to it and the print that value.
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Old 12-12-2003
i have figured it out took this long but did it i compressed my code from 66 lines to 15 thanks for the help and the motivation.

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