KDE on Solaris ?

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Old 11-10-2009
KDE on Solaris ?

I want to install KDE on my Solaris PC , I downloaded solaris companion CD and question is there KDE available to install because I want that all my households work on one stable PC , but one condition is they must have K3B for burning files , and some GUI torrent program for downloading like Vuze , is possible to have that on the last Solaris ???Smilie
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Old 11-10-2009
You might try the instructions available there:
Projects/KDE on Solaris/OpenSolaris - KDE TechBase
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Old 11-11-2009

I also find u Vuze for my Solaris Smilie

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I successfully installed KDE on my Solaris , but is possible to install K3B Smilie
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