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Interpreting prtdiag output - 2 or 4 CPUs?

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Old 10-30-2009
Interpreting prtdiag output - 2 or 4 CPUs?

I am having trouble figuring this one out.....Is this a 2CPU or a 4CPU v490 with 16GB? I think it is a 2CPU system, looking for confirmation.

$ prtdiag
System Configuration: Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun Fire V490
System clock frequency: 150 MHz
Memory size: 16384 Megabytes

========================= CPUs ===============================================

Brd CPU MHz MB Impl. Mask
--- ----- ---- ---- ------- ----
A 0, 16 1500 32.0 US-IV+ 2.2
A 2, 18 1500 32.0 US-IV+ 2.2

========================= Memory Configuration ===============================

Logical Logical Logical
MC Bank Bank Bank DIMM Interleave Interleaved
Brd ID num size Status Size Factor with
--- --- ---- ------ ----------- ------ ---------- -----------
A 0 0 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 0 1 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 0 2 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 0 3 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 2 0 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 2 1 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 2 2 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
A 2 3 2048MB no_status 1024MB 8-way 0
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Old 10-30-2009
Looks like a 2 Processor 8GB box.

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