Are programs like sys_open( ) ,sys_read( ) et al examples of system level programs ?

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Old 10-27-2009
Are programs like sys_open( ) ,sys_read( ) et al examples of system level programs ?

Are the programs written on schedulers ,thread library , process management, memory management, et al called systems programs ? How are they different from the programs that implement functions like open() , printf() , scanf() , read() .. they have a prefix sys_open, sys_close, sys_read etc , right ? Is there any difference of hierarchy between the programs that implement system calls and system level programs like that implement thread library, process management , memory managemnt etc..
Hope you understood my qstn

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I got this cleared ..Here goes the clarification
" Functions like open() , printf() , scanf() , read() are library function implemented on top of their sys_* counterparts so they can be used for any Application development. On the other hand sys_open, sys_close, sys_read etc are implemented as-part-of-system commonly known as kernel. On top of this, system programs like thread library, compilers, linkers are implemented which helps other application development. Hope this clears the difference between system, system programs and application programs. "
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Old 10-28-2009
I don't know of a UNIX system call called "sys_open". It does have "open" though. I suspect whatever language you're programming in is confusing the issue.
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