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Old 10-23-2009
Error VSFTPD Public Key Help

Hi all

Ive setup a VSFTPD server and im forcing SSL encryption. I have made a key and it works perfectly.

I have a client who wants to connect but is using software that needs the key to be added before he can connect.

Does he need me to send the key i created and that the VSFTPD.conf file is pointing to or is it another one that he needs?

I was under the impression that the key was private and contained information only relevant for the server.

Can someone help me...?

Additional Information : The software the client is using is MOVEit... I am not familiar with this software. Smilie
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tpmtoken_import(1)					      General Commands Manual						tpmtoken_import(1)

							 TPM Management - tpmtoken_import

tpmtoken_import - import an X.509 certficate and/or an RSA key pair into the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store SYNOPSIS
tpmtoken_import [ OPTION ] FILE DESCRIPTION
tpmtoken_import imports a PEM formatted representation of an X.509 certificate and/or an RSA key contained in FILE. Importing an X.509 certificate creates an X.509 Public Key Certificate PKCS#11 object and also an RSA Public Key PKCS#11 object using the RSA public key contained in the certificate. The certificate's key must be an RSA key in order for the certificate to be successfully processed by this command. Importing an RSA key creates an RSA Public Key and an RSA Private Key PKCS#11 object. In order to associate the RSA PKCS#11 objects with an X.509 Public Key Certificate PKCS#11 object, the RSA PKCS#11 objects must have a subject name and key identifier associated with them. This can be accomplished by supplying the corresponding X.509 certificate as an optional command parameter. The input can contain PEM formatted representations of both an X.509 certificate and an RSA key. If both representations are present then an X.509 Public Key Certificate PKCS#11 object, an RSA Public Key PKCS#11 object and an RSA Private Key PKCS#11 object are created. -h, --help Display command usage info. -v, --version Display command version info. -l, --log [none|error|info|debug] Set logging level. -i, --idfile FILE Use FILE as the PEM formatted X.509 certificate input used to obtain the subject and id attributes -k, --token STRING Use STRING to identify the label of the PKCS#11 token to be used -n, --name STRING Use STRING as the label for the imported object(s) -p, --public Import the object(s) as a public object -t, --type key|cert Import only the specified object type -y, --yes Assume an answer of yes for any confirmation prompts that would normally be asked SEE ALSO
tpmtoken_init(1), tpmtoken_setpasswd(1), tpmtoken_objects(1), tpmtoken_protect(1) REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <trousers-users@lists.sourceforge.net> TPM Management 2005-04-25 tpmtoken_import(1)