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Where do i put ifconfig & route add for boot?

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Old 10-19-2009
Where do i put ifconfig & route add for boot?

SCO v5.0.6
I figured out what command lines I need to get SSH working, but where do I put these command lines so they stick when booting?

#ifconfig net0 ... netmask ... up
#route add default ...

I know I can add the default gateway to /etc/default/tcp, but...

I would rather run a script with the above ifconfig and route commands at boot time to keep all my commands in one neat place. What file would I put them in?

Thanks, Jeanne
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Old 10-19-2009
In the /etc/tcp file...
Here is some good reading for you:
Manual TCP/IP Configuration Changes
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Old 10-19-2009
Thanks..a few questions:
1. does /etc/tcp get overwritten with /etc/default/tcp? i read that somewhere.
2. can i have it run a script by adding /etc/myscript to the file, or is it better to add the command lines individually?


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