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Old 11-28-2003
Data suse 9.0 problem video

i got a NV11 geForce2 100/200 and suse 9.0 pro boot the kernal but then the screen
goes blank and nothing else can't install suse 9.0 pro and grabs for this problem
x will not come up at all
just the boot screen with rez and so on but once i tell it to install thats i have a nec multisync xv17/xv17+ screen and p3 chip set

Bogomips: ?1723.59

Cache size: ?256 KB

Coma bug: ?No

Frequency (MHz): ?866.437

Cpuid family: ?6

Cpuid level: ?2

F00f bug: ?No

Fdiv bug: ?No

Flags: ?fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 mmx fxsr sse

Is FPU present: ?Yes

Whether the FPU has an irq vector: ?Yes

Halt bug: ?No

Model: ?8

Model name: ?Pentium III (Coppermine)

Processor ID: ?0

Model stepping: ?10

Vendor: ?GenuineIntel

any help guys please i would like to install
suse 9.0 pro instead of mandrake
of here is some thing intresting vmware 4.0 will work with suse 9.0 installed it
but i want to wipe my system and run it from scrach big thanx
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Old 11-28-2003
when you get the boot screen try selecting the safe mode that is given as a boot option.
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Old 11-29-2003
suse 9.0 pro safe mode no go !!!! still my screen goes balnk and nothing any other ideas mandrake 9.1 works good
but when i boot the screen goes blank but the drive chatters and so on then my nvidia drivers come up then the cde so its ok

but i want to install suse insted of mandrake

i am sorry but i really have no idea what your situation is. does it install at all? what exactly happens? you are not being descriptive enough in your posts.
also, if you bought your suse linux distro, you have paid for telephone support also. call them up and ask them for support. there might be a hardware problem or incompatability that they can help you with.
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Old 11-30-2003
I have seen this problem posted elsewhere, assuming this is the same "issue", simply plug your monitor's cable into the onboard video, or the AGP card still installed. The issue is that the "should be-BIOS-disabled onboard-video adaptor" is still being intialized at boot, and it ends up the default video for X, and friends. VMware uses an emulated video adaptor, which is a very common one, and boots normally because it will only see the one video "card" the VM is providing. Just a thought.
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Old 12-01-2003
Data suse 9.0

the cdrom biso is set for boot cdrom 1st
the cd boots

then welcome screen comes up for
then i click on install then it goes blank! i can't see any from there i'v tryed every option and still not'a! just goes blank!

but when i install no vmware works like a charm but no 3d games

i don't have video on borad i have a pci nvida mx 400 card no agp card

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Old 12-01-2003
try doing a text only install, and select modules to load before installation begins. from there load the driver for you pci video card.
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Old 12-02-2003
Computer i goto it suse

all i had to do is in boot opt is type
vga=normal then enter
and res was wacked but i latter got it up running the res i like thank you for all your help
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