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Old 10-11-2009
Syntax Help | unix | grep | regular expression | repetition


This is my first post so, Hello World! Anyways, I'm learning how to use unix and its quickly become apparent that a strong foundation in regular expressions will make things easier. I'm not sure if my syntax is messing things up or my logic is messing things up.

ps -e | grep '\b[1-9][0-9]\{3,}\b'

So, I want a list of most of the current processes ps -e generates a list similar to the one below but with more lines.

5429 tty1 00:00:00 agetty
5430 tty2 00:00:00 agetty
5431 tty3 00:00:00 agetty
5432 tty4 00:00:00 agetty
5433 tty5 00:00:00 agetty
5434 tty6 00:00:00 agetty
9266 ? 00:00:04 smbd
9578 ? 00:00:00 screen
9579 pts/2 00:01:22 rtorrent
12447 ? 00:00:00 sshd
12451 ? 00:00:00 sshd
12452 pts/0 00:00:00 bash
16109 ? 00:00:00 sshd
16112 ? 00:00:00 sshd
16113 pts/1 00:00:00 bash
16118 pts/1 00:00:00 ps
Pattern: I want to reduce the output to only include lines that have numbers greater than 1000.
Program: I'll use grep to print the lines matching the above pattern.
Options: I don't think I need to use any options.
Regular Expression: \b[1-9][0-9]\{3,}\b
File: ps -e (omitted)

Again the fully command line argument(?correct term) is:
ps -e | grep '\b[1-9][0-9]\{3,}\b'

I read the regular expression as:
\b: Check for world boundary before the string.
[1-9]: The first character in the string must be between 1 and 9.
[0-9]: The second character in the string must be between 0 and 9.
\{3,}: Replaces the above statement with: The characters following the first match must match between 0 and 9 at least 3 more times.
Kinda would look like \b[1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]\b (for the min)
\bCheck for word boundary at the end of the string.

The return I get is:
grep: Unmatched \{
I'm probably missing something simple but I can't figure it out.

The repetition code was taken from and altered a bit to apply to a use that I could create.
I also referenced the grep - Linux Command - Unix Command for info on grep.
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Old 10-11-2009
Hi MykC, You were just one \ away Smilie
grep '\b[1-9][0-9]\{3,\}\b'

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Old 10-11-2009

Given that no number starts with 0 with ps -e, you could simply say:

ps -e | grep "^ *[0-9]\{4,\}"

Awk is great for this kind of thing:
ps -e | awk '$1*1 >= 1000'

(*1 removes the heading by turning into a number, which is then undefined)
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Old 10-11-2009
And then you could leave out the comma too:
ps -e | grep "^ *[0-9]\{4\}"

or even 4 characters that are no space.
ps -e | grep "^ *[^ ]\{4\}"

( and since the first field is right aligned and the max pid is 99999:
ps -e|grep '^.[^ ]'

or filter out lines that start with two spaces:
ps -e|grep -v '^  '

but that is stretching it a little and probably not very portable Smilie )

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Old 10-11-2009
Hey, thanks for the help, such a silly error.

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