using sed to write horizontally & sequentially in a file

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Old 10-10-2009
using sed to write horizontally & sequentially in a file

Hey there

I have two commands to get exactly the data i want but.. i want to write them into a file side by side and in the same order so that they always match. So what i'm hoping to learn from this thread is some of the different ways one could take the output of grepped data and write them in a file next to each other vs appending it starting from the last entry.

*1010|15:32%cat testfile | grep
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
                        <A HREF=/server/></A>
*1010|15:41%cat testfile | grep | sed 's/[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}//' | cut -c 52- | sed 's/\<\/A\>//'
*1010|15:41%cat testfile | grep | grep -o '[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}'

Desired output...

cat testfileoutput
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Old 10-10-2009

I was just about to post an answer in sed then I saw your odd requirement, so I cobbled together some awk to fix it.

sed "s/.*ip=\(.*\)&.*\(ser.*\)<.*/\2 \1/" file1 | awk '
NR == 1 { X = $1; printf( "%s\n", $2 ); next }
{ printf( "%s %s\n", X, $2); X = $1 }
END { print X }

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Old 10-10-2009
whoops looks like i made a mistake on my example output.. just drop those ip's down one level.

scottn thanks for the quick response.. only one problem.. i think yours assumes the server prefix will begin with the same and it doesn't in my case. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier.

I think my real question is if i run one command and output that to a file, what could i add to the second command to redirect the output to the file in the manner that i need. Whatever it is, it should not care about what data is already in the file but that when it writes to it, it does so from the first line on down adding a space then the data. So everything is presumed correct based on the order for which the information was gathered to begin with.

So lets say i..

$run command a > file ; cat file

$run command b (some command here to take output like so below) ; cat file
fooa foo1
foob foo2
fooc foo3

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Old 10-10-2009

Assuming you have your data in files already:

paste -d" " infile1 infile2

where infile1 is the sec..... and infile2 is the 99.99.... stuff.

cat infile2 | paste -d" " infile1 -

where "cat infile2" is anything which generates the 99.99.... stuff

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Old 10-10-2009
scottn that works nicely, despite the fact that i have to generate 3 files it checks out and gets the job done... now i'm sure there is a way either through sed or awk to do all of the work in memory but eh.. i'll save it for later.. if anyone else see's this feel free to post if you think you know of a better method

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Old 10-10-2009

sed "s/.*ip=\(.*\)&.*>\([a-z].*\)<.*/\2 \1/" input_file > output_file

This is crying out for perl!!

As I'm only on page 6 of the O'Reilly book, that'll have to wait.

This is maybe the most bizarre thing you'll see all day:

awk -F"server_ip=" '{print $2}' file1 | awk -F"&lite=1>" '{sub("</A>", ""); print $2, $1}'

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Old 10-15-2009
This is crying out for perl!!
hehe, i couldn't agree with more. thanks again
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