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Old 09-21-2009
Move directory + sub dirs


Im quite new at this so I will try to explain what need to do and I hope you can give me some pointers & tips.

On this scenario I have 3 users
  • AriStar
  • Userno1
  • Userno2
Userno1 has one directory (with sub dirs), all directories have certain files with different restrictions.
What I basicly want to do is to copy all of those directories & files to Userno2 so that userno2 has the same restrictions.

I become sesu - userno1, then execute
cp -r /my_dir /home/userno2/my_directory.
But that doesnt seem to be work as intended to.
And those files that do get copied, theire restrictions are set to userno1, userno2 isnt really the owner.

So basicly my questions is, do you guys know a good way to copy that directory from a user to another user meanwhile the new user will receive all of the access?
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Old 09-21-2009
If you can become root, do something like this maybe:
cd /somedir/somesubdir
find .| cpio -dumpv /newdir/whatever

This will copy all contents of /somedir/somesubdir 1:1 in terms of permissions, ownership, date/time etc. to the path given with cpio.

If access is not ok by means of chown and chgrp root will have to correct ownership and group anyway.
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