Problem with zip command..

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Old 09-20-2009
Problem with zip command..

Hi friends

I am working in cygwin. Currently I am in root directory(C). I want to zip only the files from a diretory "A" to a new directory in root directory C.
I am using the following command:
$: zip A/*
but it is zipping the entire directory itself, But what I want is when I unzip I should get
file2 etc...
instead of
A/file2 etc..
I really appreciate your help if you can help me in modify the above command so that I can get one of my script done on 100's of directories like A.

Thanks in advance..
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Old 09-20-2009
cd A
zip *

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Old 09-21-2009
Hi Scrutinizer,

I want the command to work with out doing cd to the respective directory I am interested. I mean I don't want to use cd A . I hope you understood my problem.
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Old 09-21-2009
zip -j A/*

'man zip' is a useful resource too.
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Old 09-23-2009
Thanks Pludi,

It worked very well. I regret to my innocence and negligence for not looking deep into the zip command manual.
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