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FTP / SFTP confusion

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Old 09-18-2009
Error FTP / SFTP confusion

Good morning all,

I require some help regarding an FTP server i am building.

Basically i have around 20 users all sending a receiving files to and from my FTP server but would like all traffic to be secure. I want to ensure users connect via SFTP only and are denied via FTP.

Im using Ubuntu Linux and have setup Webmin so i can admin the server with ease.

Im not too bad on the command line i just lack understanding.

All users are chrooted to there home directory and have the scponly shell.

Thanks alot.
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Old 09-18-2009
i haven't done something like this myself, but going by the setup you have, i'd disable ports 20 (ftp - data) and 21 (ftp - commands) and leave open port 22 (ssh, scp, sftp)

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