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Relationships between adjacent digits

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Old 09-15-2009
Originally Posted by vidyadhar85
OK OK!!!! I agree its not home work questionSmilie
but i didn't understand how 072 is triplet in 01072523??
you mean 0-7>3 and 7-2>3 {first-sec or sec-first>3}???
if so below code will work.. I know it can be done much smaller way..but for better understanding it wrote like thisSmilie
awk '{len=length($0)}{if(len>3){for(i=2;i<=len-2;i++)
if(((sec-first)>=3 || (first-sec)>=3) && ((third-sec)>=3 || (sec-third)>=3)) {print substr($0,i,3)}}}}' filename

This appears to work well. Thank you Tutor! I will pick this apart and no doubt learn some more awk from it.

You're right- 072 should be a matching triplet. I missed it! What I was going to write was "plus or minus greater than or equal to 3" or denote it as "+- >=". Perhaps I could have said "a pos or neg integer that is 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9".

Anyway, I think you understood what I meant.

Also thanks Scrutinzer. My default is actually pdksh v5.2.14 so your ksh script is good to have. I need to not only learn more awk but also more ksh.

I rarely use bash; I use zsh sometimes, e.g. if I need brace expansion.


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