String manipulation in Linux & Unix (Solaris)

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Old 09-10-2009
String manipulation in Linux & Unix (Solaris)


I have this below report and I need someone help me formatting it

SID      File Name         Started                     Finished                Backup
ABC      XYZ.log           10Sep09-012857\n      10Sep09-020748    Successful

I need Started & Finished columns to be formatted as

10Sep09 01:28:57  & 10Sep09 02:07:48

I dont know why I am getting \n at the end of Started column

How to leave a single in Linux (as with solaris we use \n)?

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Old 09-10-2009
Hi Suri,
i tested this code which is working fine and let us know if you want this out put.

cat file_name|sed '1,$s/\\n//g
s/-/ /g'|awk '{print $1,$2,$3,substr($4,1,2)":"substr($4,3,2)":"substr($4,5,2)" &",$5,substr($6,1,2)":"substr($6,3,2)":"substr($6,5,2),$7}'

ABC XYZ.log 10Sep09 01:28:57  & 10Sep09 02:07:48 Successful


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