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Unix logo(Original).

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Old 09-10-2009
Unix logo(Original).

What is the Unix's logo(Original)?
Thanks, regards.

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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #142
Difficulty: Easy
Version 4 Unix was rewritten in C in 1977.
True or False?

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SplashFast(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     SplashFast(3)

Wx::Perl::SplashFast - Fast splash screen for the Wx module. SYNOPSIS
use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ('/path/to/logo.jpg',3000); # timeout in milliseconds package myApp ; # subclass Wx::App ... package myFrame; # subclass Wx::Frame ... package main; my $myApp = myApp->new(); my $frame = myFrame->new(); $myApp->MainLoop(); DESCRIPTION
Using Wx::SplashScreen from Wx::App::OnInit may cause a high delay before the splash screen is shown on low end machines. This module works around this limitation; you just need to follow the example. USAGE
Just put the code inside the 'BEGIN {}' of your main app, like: sub BEGIN { use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ; Wx::Perl::SplashFast->new("./logo.jpg",5000); } or load the module before any other: use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ("./logo.jpg",5000) ; use Wx ; ... import ( IMG_FILE, SPLASH_TIMEOUT ) IMG_FILE Path of the image file to show. SPLASH_TIMEOUT Timeout of the splash screen in milliseconds. If you "use Wx::Perl::SplashFast './logo.jpg', 1000;" this has the same affetc as. BEGIN { require Wx::Perl::SplashFast; Wx::Perl::SplashFast->new( './logo.jpg', 1000 ); } new ( IMG_FILE , SPLASH_TIMEOUT ) Show the splash screen. IMG_FILE Path of the image file to show. SPLASH_TIMEOUT Timeout of the splash screen in milliseconds. EXAMPLE
use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ("./logo.jpg",5000) ; # Don't forget to put your own image in the same path. Duh package myApp ; use base 'Wx::App'; sub OnInit { return(@_[0]) ;} package myFrame ; use base 'Wx::Frame'; use Wx qw( wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE ); sub new { my $app = shift ; my( $frame ) = $app->SUPER::new( @_[0] , -1, 'wxPerl Test' , [0,0] , [400,300] ) ; return( $frame ) ; } package main ; use Wx ; my $myApp = myApp->new() ; print "window " ; my $win = myFrame->new() ; $win->Show(1) ; $myApp->SetTopWindow( $win ) ; $myApp->MainLoop(); SEE ALSO
Wx, <Wx:SplashScreen> AUTHOR
Graciliano M. P. <> Thanks to wxWidgets people and Mattia Barbon for wxPerl! :P COPYRIGHT
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.0 2007-06-18 SplashFast(3)

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