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Old 09-01-2009
Linux Server Network Settings - Share Directory Structure

Hello Unix Gurus Who I Hope Reads This,

I have quasi-inherited control over a Linux cluster at a university research lab. The post-doc that set it up is gone, and the person in charge of administering the cluster doesn't know a ton about Linux. Amongst other things, I want to use the cluster as a subversion repository (my first attempt at setting up version control). I can access the cluster from my apple laptop while in the lab via ssh. I have full root access.

My question is this...

What commands can I enter at the command line while ssh'd into the cluster, which will allow my MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8 to see said cluster's directory tree in Finder?

I am hoping the answer will be something along the lines of...

1. Get a terminal open on your laptop desktop
2. type in
ssh -X <username>@<IPAddress>

, then enter password
3. If you now don't have admin and/or root privileges, switch to such a user
4. enter command 'something' with flag '-such and such' (see man something for more on it and flag such and such)
5. enter command 'nextcommand' with flag '-mildlycrypticflag' (see man ...)
6. ...
14. Hey, now you can see the entire cluster directory tree in your Finder window!

Perhaps some of those commands will be modifying some configuration file or some such thing?

When I type
konqueror &

at the command line after ssh'ing into the cluster I see a screen that says "ROCKS"

When I type
HTML Code:
uname -a
into the command line after ssh'ing into the cluster the following is returned

Linux 2.6.9-55.0.2.ELsmp #1 SMP Tue Jun 26 14:14:47 EDT 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

This is my first post to a forum, ever, as far as I can remember. I thank you very much in advance for your help!

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