Showing a daily backup job from a unique log file.

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Old 08-30-2009
Question Showing a daily backup job from a unique log file.

Hi guys,
Im a newbie in Linux, but Im trying to solve some problems studying on my own, but Ive had some problems with AWK.
Look, I have one single backup log file per server and I want to make a daily delection from the last backup job to show in a intranet of my work.
The log files are from ArcServe (Windows), so Id already made a batch file to export those backup logs to my Linux server which already have Apache running on it.
As you can see in the following code, Id put some lines of one of my servers. The backup log are so extensive, but whats really important I put in here. The first and the last line of this code, I suppose that is the key to select and export to a file for publish in my internal web page.
You need to keep on mind that is only a piece of the backup log.
My question, how to make this functional? I`ve already had some help in export the right fields, but work with another piece is one thing that I cant get on nowhere.
[05/19/2009-22:00:05 ,1,0,0,0,-1,2,3,0,0] [JOBQUEUE]: Status changed from Ready to Active [Job No: 2] [Description: ]
[05/19/2009-22:00:14 ,1,3164,0,0,-1,2,18,0,0] Run Backup Job Scheduled for  5/19/09 at 10:00 PM.
[05/19/2009-22:00:16 ,1,3164,0,0,-1,2,18,0,0] Start Backup Operation. (QUEUE=1, JOB=2)
[05/20/2009-02:49:23 ,1,3164,0,0,-1,2,18,0,0] Backup Operation Incomplete.
[05/20/2009-02:51:04 ,1,3164,4,0,-1,2,18,0,0] [CAT] TUESDAY [ID:5EDD,SESSION:4] is merged.(files=1986)
[05/20/2009-02:51:09 ,1,3164,5,0,-1,2,18,0,0] [CAT] TUESDAY [ID:5EDD,SESSION:5] is merged.(files=681)
[05/20/2009-02:51:12 ,1,3164,0,0,-1,2,18,0,0] Run Command: cmd /c C:\Program Files\CA\BrightStor ARCserve Backup\LOG\coletalog.bat.
[05/20/2009-02:51:13 ,1,3164,0,0,-1,2,18,0,0] Reschedule Backup Job for  5/20/09 at 10:00 PM.
[05/20/2009-02:51:13 ,1,0,0,0,-1,2,3,0,0] [JOBQUEUE]: Rescheduled for  5/20/09 at 10:00 PM [Job No: 2] [Description: ]

To export this log in nice way, this is the script that I had help......
nawk -f export.awk Arcserve.log
NF {
   split(substr($0, 2,index($0," ")-1),a, "-")
   print a[1] OFS a[2] OFS substr($0,pivot+1)

What I only need now is some way to separate the backup jobs.
Anyone have any idea?
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