Need to cut a string from a file recursively.

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Old 08-13-2009
Need to cut a string from a file recursively.

I have a file exep_file.txt with contents similar to,

[8/13/09 2:00:08 AM] [Thread1] xyx request 1329207.
[8/13/09 2:00:09 AM] [116271:RT1329207] sdf sedf sg gds request 1329207.
[8/13/09 2:00:11 AM] [116271:RT1329207] as as fa df sdf request 1329207.
[8/13/09 2:00:15 AM] [Thread0] xyx request 1329209.
[8/13/09 2:00:15 AM] [116271:RT1329209] sdf sedf sg gds request 1329209.
[8/13/09 2:00:16 AM] [116271:RT1329209] as as fa df sdf request 1329209.

I need an output like


only the request id's. How to cut only the request part,
Kindly help.
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Old 08-13-2009
awk '{ print $NR }' filename >  requests.txt

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Old 08-13-2009
awk '{ print $NR }' opp_exep_file.txt > requests.txt

It gives an output like,

cat requests.txt
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