copy and paste certain many lines of huge file in linux

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Old 08-12-2009
copy and paste certain many lines of huge file in linux

Dear All,

I am working with windoes OS but remote a linux machine. I wonder the way to copy an paste some part of a huge file in linux machine.

the contain of file like as follow:

dump annealling all custom 10 anneal_*.dat id type x y z q

timestep 0.02
run 200000
Memory usage per processor = 3.00831 Mbytes
Step PotEng TotEng Temp Press
0 -131593.2 -131593.2 0 -366874.47
1 -131593.21 -130252.7 300.0085 -364406.93
2 -131600.16 -130259.62 300.017 -358658.77
3 -131607.06 -130266.48 300.0255 -352910.17
4 -131613.76 -130273.14 300.034 -347161.71
5 -131620.4 -130279.74 300.0425 -341413.54

undump annealing
6 -131626.83 -130286.13 300.051 -335666.21
7 -131633.21 -130292.48 300.0595 -329919.85
8 -131639.43 -130298.66 300.068 -324175
9 -131645.52 -130304.7 300.0765 -318431.95
10 -131651.44 -130310.59 300.085 -312691.1

I want to copy and paste data from 1 to 5( between senteces "step ..." and "undump unnealing".
Of course its easy by using clicking mouse right in case it is only 5 lines. But what I want to do is copy and paste more than 10.000 lines.

I highly appreciate any help from you
thank you in advance
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Old 08-13-2009
If you know both the line numbers then you can easily do it using sed.


sed -n '<start Line no>,<End Line No> p' File_name > new_file_name

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Old 08-16-2009
thank you for your helping me
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