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if statement in awk


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Old 08-04-2009
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if statement in awk

Hi Friends

How do I do two things from one if statement inside awk? I want to run a script and create a new file from the same condition.

awk '{ if ($2 == ""){print " "|"cd /local/test; ./script.ksh"}{cat > ran_true.txt}}' $IN_FILE

Bolded are the two things I want to be done.

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Old 08-04-2009
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awk '{ if ($2 == ""){print " "|"cd /local/test; ./script.ksh"; cat > ran_true.txt}}' $IN_FILE
# or
awk '{ if ($2 == ""){print " "|"cd /local/test; ./script.ksh"
                           cat > ran_true.txt}}' $IN_FILE

solaris: try nawk, not awk.
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