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I am getting some error messages when I run [eerpt] I get messages that have been logged but can't tell what time or date they happened. It has a timestamp but not sure how to read it.
could you tell me how?

The rockmiester
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I'm assuming you meant "errpt", so I checked out several sites and found an interesting one here, but not sure if that helps you. I'm wondering if the format is in the form mmddHHMMyy, where mm="month", dd="day", HH="hour", MM="minute", and yy="year"

Paste a few examples here so everyone can see what the format looks like...
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Your right , "errpt" timestamp is in mmddhhmmyy format

got this output from my aix box.

9DBCFDEE 1009002803 T O errdemon Error logging turned on
192AC071 1009002503 T O errdemon Error logging turned off

you may wana try this one rocker

display's a detailed report of all errors logged in the last
24 hours, enter:

errpt -a -s mmddhhmmyy

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Thanks guys that is the format . I got what I needed then my last error was 2 days ago and I have since fixed that problem with [diag] here is a copy anyway of the Timestamp incase sombody needs a example down the line
2F3E09A4 1007153003

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