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Question sort command

hi all ,

I have an index file, I want to sort it using the unix sort command.
But I want it to ignore the first 2 lines, becase they are the column names for the fields...

my file looks like this :

number index offset
34343 34 325
54454 23 5467
10002 10 493

I want to sort this according to number field. When I type
> sort -o FILE thefile

it puts the column name line at the end of the file. If i type
> sort -od FILE thefile
this time it does not sort the file

after the sort operation my file should look loke this:

number index offset
10002 10 493
34343 34 325
54454 23 5467

and so on(ascending according to the number field)

Any suggestions ?

PS. -o FILE option should be in the command because I want the output to be written to the FILE instead of console...
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How about:
sed '2q' < inputfile >FILE
sed '1,2d' < inputfile | sort -n >> FILE

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