no shell connection closed error

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no shell connection closed error


I have created some users on my new enviroment on sun solaris in the aptempt to create a .profile which I did. I must have done something wrong because when I try to connect to one of this users it says:no shell, connection closed. The only thing I can think is that in my .profile I inserted an entry that say SHELL=/usr/bin/ksh
but i checked with "which ksh" before and it showed me the above path. What could be else be wrong and how can I ajust this? I also saw logged as root in etc/passwd that for all those user the path for ksh was :bin/ksh, I changed this to be :/usr/bin/ksh, but still same problem.
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Take out the SHELL= statement. SHELL gets set automaticly.

There is something wrong with /etc/passwd. Each user has a line in /etc/passwd. The line is a bunch of fields separated by colons. The last field is the shell and you must have it wrong.
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I agree with Perderabo, if you still having problem I would suggest removing users by using the following command

userdel user_name

then add users again using the command

useradd -g user_group -d /user_home_directory -s /usr/bin/ksh user_name

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