/etc/sudoers is mode 0660

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/etc/sudoers is mode 0660

Hi all,
has anybody come accross this error from a sudo command
"sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0660, should be 0440"

had been using sudo with no problems shorlty before getting this message

mac os x jaguar
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nobody knows

nobody knows the trouble ive seen, nobody knows my sorrows. Smilie
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Of course we do Smilie

I never used this feature to use SUDO, but I do know what it is telling you. Do a man on .netrc or .rhosts you will see that for security reasons the file needs to have specific permissions.

So therefor do a "chmod 440 /etc/sudoers" and see how it works again. This might have been caused by a patch installation a bad copy of the file, etc. At least you now know what it said.

B.T.W. 440 stands for :

r w x
4 2 1 =7

r - - r - - - - - /etc/sudoers
4 4 0

You see, it isn't that hard.

Regs David
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ah, why thank you kind sir.
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make it, boy Smilie

26 years old.

Regs David

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