Unix ownership from directories and file

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Unix ownership from directories and file

I have newly installed sun solaris on my pc since I would like to learn something more about unix. During the installation, I had to assign a password for the super user root.After the installation, the book I am following suggested me to create a new user which I did. My home directory is now /export/home, but in home i have just lost+found and home is owned from root. Does it mean I have to create each folder and file in there like the ones i see for root?(i.e usr/bin, bin, sbin, etc) How can I do that if my home directory is owned from root? I can not even create my .profile in there. Any suggestion? Can I have the same structure as root but owned from me?
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you did something wrong while creating the user.... normaly your userdirectory should be /export/home/username

# useradd -d /export/home/pressy -g staff -s /bin/sh pressy

you could also create an new folder in /export/home, edit /etc/passwd to the right directory and change the ownerchip of the directory.........

do you have an X? there you could use admintool or the "new" smc (solaris management center)......

greetings Pre▀y

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