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ok, i am at my routers settings.. to allow ports, would i select a "Filtered Private Port Range:" ?
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what type of router do you have? you want to allow ftp access from outside of your NAT? you want to enable and configure port forwarding . tell us what type of router you have please so we can help you on how to do that.
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i have a linksys 4 port cable/dsl router. BEFSR41 with the latest firmware patches.

and i want it not to cause problems with my computer running an FTP ...

I appreciate this you guys Smilie Smilie Smilie
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ok to open port 21 go to advanced settings at your routers address (usually and click on port forwarding. there it will give you two boxes to enter a range of ports to open, then your internal ip address. if you just want port 21 open you can put 21 in both of those boxes to only open port 21.

please note, i still dont know what your situation is, the router should not affect internal services. forwarding port 21 on the router to your internal ip address will allow you to connect from OUTSIDE of your LAN.

whether you have your ftp server running or not i do not know.
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what i want is to get a ftp server from another machine to be able to be accessed from outside the router..
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well then thats how to do it. see my post, i explain briefley how to set it up with your router, i have the same one.
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ok, do i use the ip address that the cable isp gave me... because i cannot seem to connect to the ftp ... everything seems to be working right on my linux machine.. everything is connecting like the readme says.. The only thing i may not have are directories, which i dont know if that would affect it. (and i dont know how to make them)

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